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Leaders of Fujinson (Nantong) Technology Co., Ltd. went to Nantong University for campus publicity and recruitment fair


On November 25th, 2020, leaders of Fujinson (Nantong) Technology Co., Ltd. went to Nantong University for campus publicity and job fair. The senior graduates of Nantong University actively participated in the job fair.

Invited sen (nantong) technology co., LTD. The company emphasizes the team cohesion, to research and development as the core competitiveness, to "loyalty, execution, responsibility" as its core values, focus on promoting the backbone in the excellent fresh graduates, has already formed the emphasis on "seeking truth from facts and encourage innovation" enterprise culture, and effectively promoted the development of the company, excellent and stable professional management team has been rapid and healthy development the cornerstone of the company.

The company in the recruitment fair put forward the recruitment of electrical engineer, automation design engineer, mold design engineer, senior software engineer, sales engineer, etc., and provide internship, employment positions, systematic pre-job training.

During the job fair, the atmosphere at the scene was active. Fresh graduates were actively asking about the salary of related jobs and their career prospects. The company has also recruited some outstanding graduates who meet the requirements of the company, realizing the goal of win-win cooperation between the school and the enterprise.

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