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Nantong first! 3 days to hand over 3 certificates issued in Chongchuan synchronous parallel approval is great


China's Jiangsu network on May 29, south communication (reporter Cao Min) "before from the land to get three certificates at least 2 months, and this time from land transaction to get three certificates only in 3 days, which is really timely for our semiconductor enterprises." Fu Jin Sen (Nantong) chairman of science and technology limited company Dong Qingchun said happily. At 10 o 'clock in the morning of May 29, Dong Qingchun took over the new real estate certificate, construction land planning permit and construction project planning permit on the day of land delivery of Panxiang Road West and Xinsheng Road South in Chongchuan Economic Development Zone, setting a precedent of issuing "three licenses" immediately after land delivery in Nantong City.

The project unit, Fujinsen (Nantong) Technology Co., Ltd., is a technology-oriented enterprise committed to the research and development, production and sales of intelligent semiconductor integrated circuit equipment and molds. Its technology is in the leading position in the world. The investment intensity of the project shall be no less than 6.1 million/mu, and the average tax per mu shall be no less than 400,000 yuan/mu after completion. Dong Qingchun told reporters that two months ahead of production, means that enterprises can produce about 200 sets of semiconductor integrated circuit intelligent equipment, increase output value of about 40 million yuan.

According to the land grant contract agreement, after the listing clinch a deal, the time of handing over the land is 30 days. Before the listing, Chongchuan Development Zone and Chongchuan Sub-Bureau of Nantong Natural Resources and Planning Bureau jointly set up a special working class to communicate well in advance with relevant departments such as municipal real estate registration, administrative examination and approval, finance and taxation, so as to open a multi-level green channel. At 11:03 a.m. on May 25, the services of perfecting land transfer procedures, pre-examination of real estate registration, approval of project planning and preparation of land delivery will be started immediately after the land is listed and completed. Will land assignment contract and the purchase confirmation ShenQian making, will pay, right of real property settlement, cadastral investigation, registration data audit, planning a total solution first trial, trial and the final index calculation, traffic impact assessment, planning, project planning permission, land status quo KanHe, hand in the materials ShenQian work together seamlessly, synchronized advancement, in nantong departments capacity lack of natural resources and planning bureau ChongChuan bureau commitment system, hearing system in advance, "nanny" service such as a series of measures to ensure the blessing, to the time efficiency, the high efficiency in the pursuit of speed, greatly shorten the delivery to prepare and "three certificates" to deal with time.

Excellent service, highlight the responsibility, under the epidemic, guardian warmth. The determination of Chongchuan District and relevant departments to deepen the reform of "delegating supervision and service" and optimize the business environment, as well as the mutual trust and close cooperation between government and enterprises, have created a new service mode of "three days for land delivery and three certificates for land delivery", which has set a precedent in the whole city and provided practical experience for optimizing the reform of the examination and approval system.

It is reported that since this year, Chongchuan District closely around the Party Central Committee, the State Council on deepening the reform of "release supervision and service", optimize the business environment reform requirements, actively explore the management system and mechanism innovation, focus on promoting the construction of business environment optimization. As chongchuan district ChongChuan development zone of the main position in industrial projects in the first set up the special reform leading group team to promote "pipes" reform and optimize the business environment, adjust the perfect internal departments, actively establish a deputy, agent and a series of service mechanism, take the initiative to strengthen the communication with the relevant functional departments, improve the "efficient, convenient, clear kiss" management system.

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